Flash Thrive: The Drive Home

July 2017

Come along for the ride. We've got places to be.

The Drive Home is the second collection of writing, photography, and illustration from the FLASH THRIVE zine collective. It is a zine about place, and the places we leave behind in order to get to where we need to go. Because we're always moving but we don't always know what we're moving towards.

Contributors: Haruko Ayabe, Abigail Balingit, Joshua Bote, Roya Chagnon, Charisse Celestial, Rosemarie Alejandrino, Krista Kurisaki, Jonathan Flores, Lisa Inoue, Justine Law, Kevin Lee, Michelle Li, Jason Mai, Katrina Sadang, Jordan Said

Flash Thrive: In Love Alone

January 2016

In Love Alone is a zine made by and for people who are pretending to have their lives together. Featuring contributions from local Bay Area artists and friends, it is an eclectic collection of creative writing, photography, and illustration that celebrates love in all of its different forms.

Contributors: Abigail Balingit, Ilaf Esuf, Lisa Inoue, Charisse Celestial, Rosemarie Alejandrino, Krista Kurisaki, Justine Law, Kevin Lee, Michelle Li, Jennifer Wong


Aloud / Allowed 

There are things you never knew you were allowed to say aloud. Say them now.

ALOUD / ALLOWED is a collection of short fiction by Rosemarie Alejandrino, featuring illustrations by Charisse Celestial.

oodcast & chill

by Michelle Li & Anjile An 

Podcast recommendations for any occasion or mood.

San Francisco Raised Me

by Michelle Li

Interviews with San Francisco natives on the loss of their home city to gentrification.

Mochi Mode

By Lisa Inoue & Jason Mai

An illustrated zine about stretching as self-care.

Roommates 01

by Roya Chagnon and Raine Robichaud

Hand-drawn comics about the adventures of roommates living in the East Bay.

Familiar Places

by Joshua Bote & Madeline Wells

A zine about love, home, heartbreak, and rebuilding.

Benefits of a Flat Nose 

by Rosa Kwak

A illustrated zine about the best parts of having a flat nose.

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